Stage 1 – Class Competition

v Students will be given 50 words to learn at the first stage of the competition and a further 50 words will be added at both
subsequent stages of the competition. Vocabulary will be relevant to the curriculum. (see attached pack)

v The competition should be launched in the autumn term and time should be spent teaching and practising the alphabet in the foreign language (paying attention to describing letters with accents, etc..).

v Different to a monolingual Spelling Bee, students will be given the word in English, they will first have to translate it into the foreign language and then spell it out correctly using the alphabet in the foreign language.

v The names of the winners at each stage of the competition can be submitted to Routes into Languages East ( ) so that they can receive acknowledgement for their achievements via a certificate.

  • Resources: Please feel free to download the Powerpoints below to help your students practise for the Regional Final. Right-click to scroll through the slides in random order, left-click to stop on a word.